Friday, May 10, 2019

Card #83: Snow Day in May?

It's been a long,time simce I posted on here and I probably have at least 100 more cards that need to be scanned. 

The other day I was watching The Rundown on MLB Network and I couldn't believe that Colorado is still cancelling games because of snow in May.  That weather is relentless.

If I were to ever live out there I know I,would be sporting a great beard like one of my current favorite big leaguers, Charlie Blackmon.
Charlie has started getting red hot at the plate lately.  It's a shame he started his career at an older age and was never a top prospect.  All he does is do professional at bat after at bat.  The guy knows how to hit.  At age 32, he doesn't look like he plans on slowing down any time soon either.


  1. I think MLB should require any new stadiums that are built to have retractable roofs. That would take care of most weather related cancellations.

  2. Lol. Never would have though baseball would be considered a winter sport.