Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Card #86: Cannonball Coming!!!

Famous Pirates announcer, Greg Brown, has a saying "Clear The Deck, Cannonball Coming!"

Had he been around in 1964, he surely would have said it many times during Roberto Clemente's career.
485 FEET!!!!

That is a shot!!! The only problem with such a homerun happening so long ago is that it depreciates over time.  You see in 2015, the homerun was calculated at 492 feet according to the 2015 insert Topps made.  I wrote about it here.

I don't have the complete sets of either Long Ball Leaders (2018 insert) or Tape Measure Blasts (2015) so I can't confirm if any other cards feature questionable distances.


  1. That Brown autograph is awesome! Is it a custom you created?

    1. It's a custom I bought from someone who attends A LOT of Pirates games. Its not certified, but for less than $10 shipped I knew I had to have it and believe in its authenticity.