Friday, January 19, 2018

Card #27: SP Legendary Cut

Here's another card that I got in my big COMC order back in October.

2001 SP Legendary Cuts was one of the best sets to collect at the time of it's release.  The hits from the series still hold their value well and the images used were all unique at the time of release.
The back talks about how Clemente was the first Latino player ever inducted into the Hall.  Much how Jackie Robinson was a trail blazer for African Americans, Clemente lead the Demographic change for MLB to scout more Latino players.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Card #26: Cooperstown

With the Hall of Fame results happening soon, I thought I would show off a card recognizing Roberto Clemente being in Cooperstown.

The front of the card features a nice image of Clemente following through with a swing.

The back of the card provides a really cool story about the Pirates vs Tigers Doubleday game.

I suspect that Vlad, Hoffman, Thome, and Chipper all get in this year.  That will make for a very large class of 2018.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Card #25: Rediscover Filler

Short on time today so here is a reprint card on the front
It is a reprint of the 1973 card.

And filler details about Topps on the back.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Card #24: A Better Picture

With yesterday's bad news about my car followed 30 minutes later by my favorite player being traded, I needed something more uplifting to brighten my day.

Hello Roberto Clemente.

Stadium Club always has provided great full bleed photos since the initial release.  Over the past few years Topps has only used Stadium Club for star players and legends.  It's unlikely that collectors will ever get the middle inning relief pitchers like the first few sets provided.

This image of Clemente signing for the fans shows the interaction that Clemente would have with the fans.  This version is just the base.  I need all the other versions.

The back of the 2016 Stadium Club  provides us with more information about the greatest Latin American to play our Nation's Pastime.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Card #23: Gotta put the pieces back together

So I just got some bad news.
My car is a total loss.

This really sucks.

I need to figure out how to put my life back together because right now I am at a loss for words.

This is the standard card size puzzle from 1986 Donruss.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Card #22: Broken Puzzle

Last week we had some really nasty ice storm that hit my town.  It made everything so slick.

I crashed my car and will find out tomorrow if it is totaled or not.  I still owe about $12K on it, but fear that due to the amount of mileage on it that they will claim it's not worth as much as they value.  If it is a total, it is going to hurt me significantly financially.

Praying for the car to be fixed.

I thought that this "card" would be good to show off as I await a decision.

I am in need of all the other 1986 Donruss puzzle pieces.  Many of them can be found for well under a $1 a piece.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Card #21: Retired Numbers

I have had this Clemente for a long time.  I think I got it shortly after release from a blogger named Trey and even showed it off on my old blog.

Roberto Clemente is one of the few numbers retired by the Pirates.  The others include
1-Billy Meyer
4 - Ralph Kiner
8-Willie Stargell
9-Bill Mazeroski
11 - Paul Waner
33 - Honus Wagner
42 - Jackie Robinson

The 2012 Topps Retired Number manupatches was a card set that featured 50 of the game's greatest players, all of which have had their number retired.