Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Card #103: My Very First Clemente Card

Back in 1987 I began baseball card collecting with my parents.  They would help me organize my cards, learn about the stats on the back, and figure out what cards I needed to complete my set.

It was during this time that I acquired a lot of 1987 Topps.
This is my very first Roberto Clemente card in my collection.  I plucked it from the many that were stuffed inside a 9 pocket page. 

I remember not liking this card as a kid for a couple of reasons. 

The first was that it looked a lot different than the rest of the cards in the set.

The other is that it didn't have stats on the back. 

My dad eventually told me about how great Clemente was and how he was one of the game's best players and how he made it into the Hall of Fame. 
Over time I began to like this card more.


  1. Nice. Yeah, I'll bet that was a lot of young collectors of that era's first Clemente card. That and the Dick Perez puzzle card in '87 Donruss.

  2. Yep, that was easily my first Clemente as well! I liked the Turn Back the Clock subset, wish it would come back around for a base set or two.

  3. My first Clemente was the 1982 Kmart set card of him... which might have been the 2nd set I ever owned. It was one of those 44 card box sets. And the Clemente puzzle card (and the puzzle pieces) was probably my second.