Sunday, June 10, 2018

Card #52: Heritage in Every Sense of the Word

This post was drafted back in January / February 2018....
Due to what I perceived was a lack of interest on the blog, I stopped posting.  Here is the post as it originally appeared.

I just saw the checklist for 2018 Topps Heritage and I am really looking forward to it.  The 2018 Heritage design is based on 1969 Topps.  Cutch has card #50 in the set.  Do you know who was card #50 in 1969 Topps?

Yup, the Great One.
I have a copy of this card safely protected.
One day I will take scans of all my vintage cards, but in the mean time here is a shot of it stolen from Google images.


  1. Topps can often come off as being lazy. Glad to see they took their time putting together the 2018 Heritage checklist.