Sunday, September 8, 2019

Card #89: Football Is Back

Today marks the return of a full schedule of NFL games with the Steelers playing in the Sunday Night Football matchup vs. The Patriots.

Like so many others I joined a Fantasy football League again this year.  After 3 Championship Game appearances in a row from 2014 to 2016, I have failed to make the playoffs for back to back years.  It is a redraft annual standard PPR league.

Time will tell how my team plays out this year as I took a lot of high risk, high reward guys.

I found this Fantasy Goldmine insert to be a little strange in 2018 Allen & Ginter.
This 2018 Allen & Ginter takes a look at Clemente's Total Zone Runs (TZR).
Who has played in a fantasy league where TZR is calculated?  That is a hardcore fantasy GM if those stats get taken into account.

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  1. Gave up playing fantasy sports a few years ago. I've always felt like you need to invest the time in order to have a shot at winning... and I've got way too many things on my plate right now.